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What To Wear

When selecting wardrobe items for your photo shoot, remember that comfort is the most important factor to consider. It’s hard to smile naturally when your pants are too tight or your shirt itches!! Next, think about color schemes to match your photo setting. For example, if you are taking a family portrait outside in the fall, your wardrobe choices should compliment the naturally beautiful colors that will surround you. Finally, texture adds extra dimension and warmth to photos. For regular seasonal wardrobe tips check my blog.
*shoots are limited to 2 outfits per person*

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Earlier this summer, I was contacted by this beautiful family, a referral from my friend Angela, who I admire dearly. They wanted to capture their whole family, through imagery, on what ended up being a GORGEOUS September evening. As soon as they arrived, I was ecstatic about their choice of clothing! Man did they rock it! Right!? This family was so full of joy and just all around easy going and happy. The little girlies were just so smiley and cooperative for me, you really can’t ask for anything better. I loved taking their photos, and I hope they can cherish these for years to come!

Love Jess











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