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By on Jun 25, 2015 in Blog, Featured | 2 comments

This session is very special to me. I have known this family since elementary years when I was on the Woodstock Dolphins! Over the past few years, I have reconnected with this family… Heidi, being a dear friend- making me laugh always and totally understanding me and my crazy family 😉 Heather being the sweetheart she is, staying with my kids often so my husband and I can get out of town for the weekend because she is a saint! Rich, I remember swimming with you on the team, but he lives in Washington State! Paula, she has us over to her house often so my husband can help her take care of their 12 acres along the beautiful Kishwaukee River that faces west and makes my heart go pitter patter late in the day! She also let’s us drive the golf carts, swim in the river and feeds us 🙂 Richard who I’ve seen lose more of his memory over the past few years. However, the last time we were there, he didn’t want to let us in- until my little spit fire Jenna sparked a memory for him and he said, “I know you! Come in!” This session was very important to the family to capture! I ask that you pray for Richard and his family to push on...

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By on Jun 16, 2015 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Sweet little Luca came to see me a couple of weeks ago! I was able to photograph him when he was a newborn- my has he grown! His mama sure has a sense of style for him- isn’t he dressed so cute!? Luca was a drool machine while he was in my studio, I love that I was able to capture some of it, so his mama remembers this period of time! Thanks for coming to see me Luca! Hope to see you again...

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By on Mar 24, 2015 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

I’ll have to admit, it makes me a little sad to see babies that I photographed as a newborn come to my studio as a 2 year old! Luke and his big sister Lucy are just soooooo adorable! They are always a breeze to photograph! Thanks for coming again,...

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By on Feb 5, 2015 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

I felt this family needed to be blogged 🙂 This session was a gift to Mom. She had tears in her eyes most of the time while she was in my studio. It’s amazing how photography can draw a family together from near and far, such as Hawaii. I am so blessed to be able to capture these moments for families such as this one. “A photograph keeps a moment from running away” Eudora...

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By on Oct 23, 2014 in Blog, Featured, What To Wear | 0 comments

Earlier this summer, I was contacted by this beautiful family, a referral from my friend Angela, who I admire dearly. They wanted to capture their whole family, through imagery, on what ended up being a GORGEOUS September evening. As soon as they arrived, I was ecstatic about their choice of clothing! Man did they rock it! Right!? This family was so full of joy and just all around easy going and happy. The little girlies were just so smiley and cooperative for me, you really can’t ask for anything better. I loved taking their photos, and I hope they can cherish these for years to come! Love...

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