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I was so excited to meet up with Rebecca and John for their Engagement Session at George Williams College! I have the privilege of photographing their wedding in August! They showed up with 4 bottles of champagne! I knew this was going to be a fun session! We of course opened one right away and they even shared some with me 🙂 It was peach and reminded me of being sneaky when I was just out of High School and drinking some Boones Farms! LOL Not that I am at all condoning that kind of behavior! HAHAH Never! As you can see, Rebecca and John sat on the pier and toasted to each other, and me of course! 😉  Our evening was gorgeous.  Rebecca and John love the water, as do I, so we were all 3 in our elements during this session!  At the end,  we used bottles 2 and 3 for the champagne fight, sadly they didn’t let me have bottle # 4, LOL.  I thought it would be my consolation prize for not being in the champagne fight!  Our session was filled with laughter and pure fun on a gorgeous evening in Lake Geneva! I seriously can’t wait to photograph their wedding! It’s going to be a...

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