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By on Apr 28, 2016 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Kristen and Ruben’s Spring Engagement Session was one of my first ones outside for the year! I feel like it really kicked off the season for me being a Crystal Lake Wedding Photographer! We had a GORGEOUS day of almost 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine! I first met Kristen and Ruben in January at a bridal fair, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to photograph their wedding this Fall at Pinecrest Golf Club in Huntley! I was excited for Chloe, their dog to come with to the session! She really was sweet! I’ve learned that Kristen and Ruben first met on Halloween in 2010! She was dressed as Aphrodite and he was dressed as a Man with a poncho, sombrero, and riding a donkey! Now, 6 years later, almost, they will be married! How cool! Kristen and Ruben enjoy being home and watching cooking shows together and root for Da Bears! I can’t wait for 10-1-16!!!! XOXO...

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This session is very special to me. I have known this family since elementary years when I was on the Woodstock Dolphins! Over the past few years, I have reconnected with this family… Heidi, being a dear friend- making me laugh always and totally understanding me and my crazy family 😉 Heather being the sweetheart she is, staying with my kids often so my husband and I can get out of town for the weekend because she is a saint! Rich, I remember swimming with you on the team, but he lives in Washington State! Paula, she has us over to her house often so my husband can help her take care of their 12 acres along the beautiful Kishwaukee River that faces west and makes my heart go pitter patter late in the day! She also let’s us drive the golf carts, swim in the river and feeds us 🙂 Richard who I’ve seen lose more of his memory over the past few years. However, the last time we were there, he didn’t want to let us in- until my little spit fire Jenna sparked a memory for him and he said, “I know you! Come in!” This session was very important to the family to capture! I ask that you pray for Richard and his family to push on...

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Sweet little Luca came to see me a couple of weeks ago! I was able to photograph him when he was a newborn- my has he grown! His mama sure has a sense of style for him- isn’t he dressed so cute!? Luca was a drool machine while he was in my studio, I love that I was able to capture some of it, so his mama remembers this period of time! Thanks for coming to see me Luca! Hope to see you again...

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This was a session we had talked about for at least a year! However, with 3 boys in sports, days off were few and far between for this family! We finally came up with a date- it was a little chilly, but we had beautiful light! That’s all I really care about 🙂 LOL This family was a blast to photograph because they are genuine and silly! Thanks again Creighton Family! I hope you love them! a...

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Little behind blogging!! Too much shooting 😉 I thought Raegan would be the perfect itty bitty to get started back up with! Raegan’s mama, I have known for about 15 years! She started off as my hair client! Brie, herself, is a local photographer, with Bunkey Photography 🙂 When I was invited to her baby shower, I thought what a better present to give than the gift of photography! Raegan will be very experienced with photography before we know it 🙂 Our session went very well and she stayed asleep until the end. Good thing the weather was nice so Mom, Dad and Grandma could take some fresh air breaks outside since I keep my studio at 80 with newborns 🙂 I can’t wait to see many pictures of Raegan as she...

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