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A bit about me and my love for photography…

Jessica Martell

Photos By Puddle Jumpers Photography

Hi!! I’m so glad you are here!! My name is Jessica. I am a custom photographer from Crystal Lake, IL. My passion for photography was a long time in the works. It was however “unleashed” in April of 2011, when I decided to learn how to really use my camera. My grandfather was a photographer, so I guess it’s in my blood. I have since photographed over 500+ sessions and 100+ weddings! I love anything to do with photography, from newborns to families, weddings and everything in between.  I am a mom to 3 brown eyed kiddos; Jenna, Jayden and Jakob!  I am also a hairstylist of 20 years!!! I love medium rare steak , popcorn with m & m’s and sour patch kids, as well as an adventure!! I can’t wait to sky dive  some day !!! I love to capture in the moment images, as well as make you laugh to get that perfect smile! I am not afraid to embarrass myself to make you laugh for that genuine smile. I am a seeker of beautiful light and super picky with my images!! I love to capture beautiful imagery, and can’t wait to meet you!!!

More about me and a bit about my hair salon…

I knew at a very young age, that hair was something I LOVED to do.  I began by cutting my Barbies hair, as well as dipping it in Kool Aid in Kindergarten.   I first started experimenting with my own and friends hair in Junior High.  In High School we were asked to choose a career to shadow for a day, I chose a Hairstylist.  From that day forward, I knew this was for me!  I graduated  from Cosmetology School in May of 2000.  I landed a job instantly, working there for almost 2 years, before starting Studio Pop.  I’ve trained extensively in color, and my signature cut, know by all, is the diagonal forward.  I was an educator for several years, teaching classes and performing on stage.  I love all aspects of being a hairstylist, especially color.  I would love the pleasure of doing yours.