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Jul 2 2013

Childhood Friend

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Meet my friend Jamie from childhood, 20+ years friend that is. Jamie lives in Arizona now with her husband Tim and son Payton. They periodically come back to visit friends and family, and most importantly see Nana and Papa. Jamie contacted me to let me know they were coming and that it was time for some fresh pictures! The day we had the pictures scheduled, the weather did not look great. Jamie was texting me all day asking if I thought it was gonna happen or not. I have learned to wait and see, you never know what the weather is gonna do lately! Sure enough, the rain stopped, the clouds broke and amazing light we got!! I ended up going to Nana and Papa’s house at Bull Valley Golf Club because I knew how gorgeous the scenery would be. I didn’t even think to go to Jamie’s childhood home on County Club Rd for the gorgeous driveway that has given us all tranquility though our lives! Thank god Jamie did! I have always loved Jamie, so many memories with this chicky, I’ll be careful not to tear up as I type this. Swimming at her pool, trips to Paladrome, cruising the strip and on and on on. I’ve always had so much fun around Susan, Jamie’s mom too. When I think of Susan, I always think of her working out at the Country Club home and laying by the pool sipping a Margarita! She is also the first person I ever saw to have a tatoo on her foot and inspired me to do it too! I love seeing the love that Mario has for this whole family! Jamie’s husband Tim I can’t say enough good things about, he by far has got to be the most laid back, good spirited, easy going guy I know. Payton is such a little cutie and a spitten image of his mamma and dadda. I am blessed to know this family. I absolutely loved taking their pictures and I love them!!!!










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  1. That’s so sweet Jess! I was so excited we were able to make this work. So many memories and many more to come! Thank you so much for your incredible work!


    July 2, 2013

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