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It’s getting to be that time again! 2014 Seniors will be needing lots and lots of pictures taken! Alyssa is one of many! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Alyssa before with her Mom and Sisters! I’ve known Alyssa for quite some time now. She is SUPER smart and SUPER talented, not to mention SUPER beautiful! Alyssa and I met up at Veteran’s Acres in Crystal Lake a couple weeks ago at the Golden Hour. She was such a champ trying all sorts of different poses for me! She was even willing to take a very long walk, to try to find some trees that I was DIEING to find! WE FOUND THEM! Along with two deer that didn’t seem to be bothered by us at all. I hope you enjoy looking at Alyssa’s pics as much as I enjoyed taking...

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I was soo excited when I was asked to photograph this family! My son Jayden and Jackson have been on the same soccer team for 2 years now. I have watched little Emma blossom into a beautiful toddler. I think her parent’s are putting Miracle Grow on her hair, because every time I see her, it just keeps getting longer and longer and longer! I am so happy we picked the “golden hour” for our photo session, because let’s face it— the colors are divine! I sure got a workout in chasing after Emma, man can she move! The love that this brother and sister share for eachother, is like no other! I just love their pictures and I hope you do...

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Say hi to Luke! What gorgeous eyes he has!!! OMG! I’ve taken Luke’s pictures before with his extended family, back in the fall. Marshmallows are a must for Luke while getting his pictures taken, along with a fake grasshopper I had, that helped him giggle, especially when it kept jumping off my camera and into his lap! Luke was also a referral from a friend/client, which I just love! I think he’s gonna have girls chasing him in no time with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Thanks for coming in...

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