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I was excited Melissa contacted me to have some pictures taken for Mother’s Day for her mom! I’ve know Melissa’s mom for years as a client and a great business woman, with a cleaning business and a flyer distribution company as well! We had to wait a couple weeks with the weather and schedules, however when the night finally came due, the lighting was AMAZING and we couldn’t have asked for a better evening! Melissa is a college graduate, coming into her own. Isn’t she gorgeous!!?? Her not so little, little brother Brandon came along with mom as well. Melissa was quite the awesome poser for me. I LOVE their pictures so much!! Thanks...

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I was excited when Reznor’s Mommy booked an appointment! Not only does he have a cool name, he has wicked cool eyes! I’ve been photographing Rez since he was in his momma’s belly. Now Rez is 18 months and I’ve been able to photograph him a bunch of times! He always wears the cutest outfits when he comes, and will laugh if his mommy dances! Thanks for coming again...

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I have to start by saying, What a beautiful family! Wow! The children have such beautiful names as well! The littlest, Lukianos was along for the ride, while Stefano and Melina, his older bro and sis were just sooo cute together! I could sure tell what a special bond this family has. I first met Corin, mommy, at church almost a year ago. I am sure glad she hung on to my card for this long! Thank you so much Steve and Corin for bringing your little family to see me! Hope to see you guys again soon!...

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About a week and a half ago, I was able to spend an hour or so with Melissa. Melissa was a referral from another hair/photography...

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Ok!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! It’s my first time doing a blog post all on my own since launching my new site! I get to start off with sweet Brody! I first met Brody last summer at Cantigny with his Mom and Dad. Brody was a referral from another client!! (which I love) What was so funny, was that Brody’s mama and I went to the same Cosmetology School, somewhat overlapping. We are both Hair Stylists! We also have the same address, yet in different towns. How neat! This time Brody and his Mom and Dad came to my Natural Light Studio in Crystal Lake. I was so excited to see that Brody is going to be a big brother! Brody has an infectious smile and is a joy to photograph. I was able to trick him into putting his hands in his pockets at the end, by placing mini marshmallows deep down inside!! LOL! We sure did get a laugh out of that one! I can’t wait to continue to capture memories for Brody and his family for years to...

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